Construction Law

Not every lawyer is competent in construction law. There are many nuances that require a complete understanding of local building codes, customs and building processes. These attorneys are well versed in St. Augustine construction industry practices.

The Robertson Firm
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In the construction industry, time is money. That’s why having an attorney with a construction background is invaluable. We are familiar with the dynamics of the construction process, and we understand the various issues that arise among owners, general contractors, subs, suppliers and sureties.

Our philosophy is to actively manage the claims and disputes in a timely manner. There is no incentive to prolong the process – in fact, just the opposite is true. The sooner resolution is achieved, the better for us both. We can read blueprints – and the bottom line.

The Robertson Firm handles a wide range of construction-related disputes including: construction liens, contract disputes, construction defects, punch lists, payment and collection, completed operations, bond claims and insurance disputes.